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School Policies



The Riverview Board of Education recognizes its responsibility to the community to ensure that reasonable standards of dress and grooming are maintained in the Riverview Community School District. Clothing shall be considered unacceptable if it creates a clear and present danger to the health and safety of the students or other persons; or creates or potentially creates a disruptive influence on the educational process. For example: hats, non-religious head coverings, egregiously short shorts/skirts, excessively torn or destroyed clothes, pajamas, clothing with profanity, vulgar/obscene suggestions, violent sayings or images, clothing which promotes, displays, or advertises alcohol or drugs, or infringes upon the rights and freedoms of other students are not allowed. RCSD administration makes the final decision concerning student dress and appearance.


Below are some additional guidelines for students to follow:

· Hats or any non-religious head covering will not be worn during the school day, including hoods. Hooded shirts and sweat shirts may be worn, but head covering must be removed upon entering the building.

· Safe and appropriate shoes should be worn. Shoes or sandals must have a back.

· Sunglasses must be removed upon entering the building unless medical documentation allows.

· Students will dress for field trips in a manner that is appropriate for the field trip activities.

· Dress code for school dances will be pre-determined by administration and communicated to students. Dress will reflect the type of dance.


When a potential dress code violation occurs, the teacher will notify the office electronically so that a determination can be made if he/she needs to change into appropriate clothing. The student will change or return with a pass indicating that they were in the office and they were given an official warning, changed or issued a consequence such as detention. Administrators or their designee will have the final say with regard to interpretation of the following dress code rules and standards.