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Schoology Updates

Now is the perfect time to be sure that you are getting updates directly from school as information is rapidly changing.

We still have 1600 students without updated information in our online Ecollect forms in PowerSchool. If you have not yet created your PowerSchool parent account and completed these forms, please do so now. 

If you know a parent that does not have a Schoology account yet, urge them to do that.

If you are in Schoology but are not seeing updates from buildings your students are in please fill out the form below.

Students: Ask your parents if they have created their PowerSchool and Schoology accounts. Show them this post if they have not.

Attached is a link from our webpage with directions on creating these accounts. If you are having difficulty, contact your school office, they are working or send me a Schoology message or email me

There will be updates from the district and individual schools on Schoology or via the mass messaging through the schools, this is why we need your current contact info. Please do not rely on Facebook, word of mouth or rumor. 

To view the update, click the link below: